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Most of us are aware of the current bitcoin price bear market which is currently slowing down mining profit at the moment. We want to assure you that regardless of these difficult low bitcoin price periods (though it's currently slowly recovering), you should continue to engage in mining because actually, this is the best time to mine bitcoins.

Below are the reasons why:

1. Mining difficulty may decrease when the price of bitcoin is low.

2. You can HODL bitcoin and whenever the price is favourable, you can instantly cash our for big profits.

3. Low turn out of miners in general which indirectly favours you.

This is partly the reason why we are also able to mine for you and credit your account with our advertised mining revenues irrespective of the price of bitcoin. We also mine ourselves and mainly HODL to sell at a favourable price. So, why not sign up today (if you haven't already), purchase one of our suitable plans and start seeing your mining revenue accrue in your account everyday based on your plan choice.


Hash Power Factory Support.

Apr-14-2019 08:06:13 AM
General Updates

While we endeavour to make sure we meet the daily/monthly profit targets and percentage returns advertised on our site, please note that there may be some time(s) when the return values from our bitcoin cloud mining infrastructure are generally low. During these time(s), all members may experience a small/medium variation/decline in the revenue generated in their various cloud mining accounts. Many factors can cause this and are not limited to:

1. During our cloud mining infrastructure maintenance or upgrade.
2. General bitcoin Mining Network Statistics
3. Bitcoin Mining Difficulty
4. Other Miscellaneous/Unforeseen circumstances

Regardless of the situation, we would always make sure to notify all members when we any of our service status is not operational.

Kind Regards,

Hash Power Factory Support.

Jul-16-2018 12:36:59 AM

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