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Start Mining Bitcoin with the World’s Best Mining Platform

We provide profitable mining services to everyone. Access the latest and highly sophisticated mining technology to initiate mining today. When you choose us, we ensure that you enjoy the highest level of performance at competitively priced rates.



Hash Power Factory is your one-stop destination for everything mining. We offer Bitcoin cloud mining services of the highest quality and standards. Being a cloud mining platform, we ensure that you don't have to worry around setting up or even maintaining the mining hardware. We let you hash instantly, while allowing you to escape noisy environment, high electricity bills as well as warranty related concerns. Our platform lets you enjoy quick and convenient hashing or mining. What's more, we don't keep any fees hidden from you. All the transactions performed by our users are visible to them. We recommend you sit back and unwind, while we handle everything else including setting up the hardware you need for hassle-free mining.
We provide you with useful tools and charts and market prices in real-time! Get freshly mined Bitcoins with minimal efforts!
Our Mission

Our mission is to offer reliable and efficient Bitcoin cloud mining services to miners from varied backgrounds and industries.

Our History

Since its inception, Hash Power Factory has been providing best Bitcoin mining services to miners across the globe. We are trusted for our uptime as well as high rates of exchange..

Our Vision

We are committed to providing our clients with best in class mining services that further enables them to mine with ease and transparency.

Our Goal

Hash Power Factory has been at the forefront of serving its clients. Our goal is to provide you with a highly sophisticated platform that offers assistance at every step of the Bitcoin mining process.

Safe and Secure Mining

We are a premier Bitcoin Cloud Mining Company that offers safe and secure Bitcoin mining services. We deploy potent mining hardware that enables you to mine Bitcoins in the most hassle-free manner. Hash Power Factory is committed to providing its clients with 100% customer satisfaction and support. We believe in adapting our systems and services in accordance with the fast changing technology. Our advanced and cutting-edge equipments offer plenty of profitable mining opportunities.

Hash Power Factory is the leader in the world of Bitcoin Mining! Miners around the globe trust our highly efficient and sophisticated cryptocurrency mining platform. When you partner with us, we let you mine bitcoins, make profits and withdraw your profits instantly.

Start Mining Bitcoins Now!

We understand the very dynamics of Bitcoin mining, which means when you trust us, we provide you with the best pricing, plans and polices for profitable Bitcoin cloud mining services.

Enjoy the Highest Level of Efficiency

It is efficiency that offers the best margins during the processing of Bitcoin transactions. While, miners around the world are competing with each other to spot blocks, it gets increasingly difficult to manage the network issues. Our advanced ASIC chips deliver the highest level of efficiency and performance. Enjoy 100% uptime from our state of the art mining data centers.

Easy and Quick Access

At Hash Power Factory, we firmly believe that every miner should get the best mining facilities and services. We provide quick, easy to access and advanced mining solutions that further enables our clients to mine Bitcoins with ease and perfection. We take care of setting up as well as maintaining of mining equipment and hardware, which means that you don’t have to

spend your money towards owing costly hardware. Neither do you need to waste your precious time in setting up the equipment. Pick any of our mining plans and select your power requirements to yield higher profits!

Choose Your Mining Plan

Start Mining Bitcoins Today!

The process for mining is pretty simple. All you need to do is choose a plan that fits your requirements and process the payments.

Below take a look at our mining plans and pick the one that best meets your preferences.
Interest 21% monthly interest
*Estimated Profit
0.0000602 / per 1 Day(s)
Monthly / 0.001806
Hash Rate 10.5 TH/s or 10,500 GH/s
Contract period or day(s) 2 year(s)
Open-Ended Bitcoin Mining
Maintenance Fee Applicable
* As Per Existing BTC Network Statistics
Interest 33% monthly interest
*Estimated Profit
0.00143 / per 1 Day(s)
Monthly / 0.0429
Hash Rate 353.3 TH/s or 353,300 GH/s
Contract period or day(s) 2 year(s)
Open-Ended Bitcoin Mining
Maintenance Fee Applicable
* As Per Existing BTC Network Statistics
Interest 45% monthly interest
*Estimated Profit
0.01185 / per 1 Day(s)
Monthly / 0.3555
Hash Rate 1.53 PH/s or 1,530,000 GH/s
Contract period or day(s) 2 year(s)
Open-Ended Bitcoin Mining
Maintenance Fee Applicable
* As Per Existing BTC Network Statistics

A cloud Mining Company That Stands by you

We are the most advanced cryptocurrency cloud mining, hash rental service and multipool company. Mining hardwares are already set up and running. As soon as you we set-up your account you can start to earn your frist coins.

Total Security

Services and connections are secure against even the most advanced malware and provides features.

Great Specs

We use only powerful enterprise farming hardware that was specially built for serious mining.

Fast Changes

Technology is rapidly changing and we adapt to the changes as they happen. We use only advanced equipment

Handy Support

Whatever the time and whichever kind of request, our customer support team is always ready to Help!

Plan Information

Bitcoin Mining Services

Bitcoins happens to be the world’s first decentralized, open-source and immensely popular digital currency. In order to mine Bitcoins, one requires a highly advanced ASIC-Hardware using the SHA-256 algorithm. One can easily mine Bitcoin Cash and Bitcoins natively.

Term of the Contract

2 years (or 730 days) of non-stop mining

The mining contract would be operational for 2 years term even when the mining rewards earned by you on a daily basis is lower than the required maintenance fee. This would provide you with the opportunity to generate cryptocurrencies as and when the conditions of the market improve. The mining output generated on a daily basis is variable is based on three different factors such as the difficulty in mining, the Bitcoin/USD rates of exchange as well as the maintenance fee (This fee includes all the cooling, electricity, development as well as servicing expenses). While, the initial two aspects cannot be predicted, we ensure that we deploy advanced mining system and technology as well as keep the data centers up and running to deliver maximum opportunities to our clients.

Maintenance fee

We deduct a fixed amount of fee as part of maintenance from all our 2 years contracts till the time they are operational. The existing fee is fixed at USD 0.14 per TH/s per day. Kindly remember that the maintenance fee has been fixed in US Dollars, however the same shall be subtracted from your mining profits that you earn on a daily basis, in BTC. Kindly read the Terms and Conditions document for any further clarification.

Things to Note:

• When you avail our services, we shall provide you with the advantage of the power ordered by you every day. The same shall be generated from the equipment present in our data centers.

• The fee is inclusive of the amount that you will have to pay one-time for the allocation of the power ordered, however you shall pay a maintenance fee on a daily basis. This fee is meant for maintaining the equipment as well as the power used for running the same.

• The mining contract shall be cancelled in case there isn’t enough balance with the client.

We make mining easily accessible for everyone! Choose your plan and get started today!

  • There’s no doubt that bitcoin mining is becoming increasingly difficult nowadays but the ease at which Hash Power Factory has made the mining process to be is just so good.
  • After buying the large plan from hashpowerfactory (though I was hesitant at first), I have now got more than 180% ROI and counting after being with them for more than 2 months now.
    Cynthia Morgan
  • The speed at which bitcoin mining is done at hashpowerfactory is incredibly amazing and everyone needs to test this system.
    Tommy Gates
  • I didn’t know how to start with bitcoin cloud mining, but you guys helped me. Thanks a lot. I am so so so happy now.

    Hash Power Factory has always been at the forefront of providing best in class and innovative Bitcoin mining services to miners across the globe. Our mining equipment is highly efficient and innovatively designed to assist you in your Bitcoin mining endeavour.Our data centers, which are scattered all over the UK can handle multiple miners, who in turn are connected to different pools. We let you connect with your preferred pool. This enables you to pick the right or profitable pool combination. Finally, the cryptocurrencies that are mined are given to our clients based on their hashrate share within the system.

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